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Philip IV

Philip IV

Philip IV was the third son of Philip III. He was born 8 April 1605, and when only seven years old was united in marriage with Elizabeth, a sister of Louis XIII of France, but due to their tender age, they remained separated until 25 November 1620. From this union seven children were born, only one of whom survived the parents. Elizabeth died on 6 October 1644, and Philip again married on 3 October 1649, this time to his cousin Maria Anna of Austria, by whom he had five children, the last being his successor, Charles II.

Philip is remembered for his patronage of the arts and his rule over Spain during the Thirty Years' War. By the time of his death, the Spanish Empire had reached approximately 12.2 million square kilometres (4.7 million square miles) in area but in other aspects was in decline, a process to which Philip contributed with his inability to achieve successful domestic and military reform.

He died on 17 September 1665.

During Philip’s reign only silver was coined in Mexico City, and the total amount struck has been calculated at $161,500,000.

Assayers of the Mexico City Mint


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