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The state of Guerrero produced an impressive amount of coins from different locations, Atlixtac , Cacahuatepec, Cacalotepec, Campo Morado, Chilpancingo, Suriana and Taxco, as well as coins with the legend ESTADO DE GUERRERO.

Examples of Guerrero coins have the denominations of 2c, 3c, 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c and $1 and $2.

638 Guerrero 2c638 Guerrero 2c. reverse
KM-638 Estado de Guerrero 2c (Stacks-Bowers NYINC Auction, 15 January 2019, lot 43712)

635 Guerrero 3c635 Guerrero 3c reverse
KM-635 Estado de Guerrero 3c

636 Guerrero 5c636 Guerrero 5c reverse
KM-636 Estado de Guerrero 5c

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Estado de Guerrero 10c

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Estado de Guerrero 20c

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Estado de Guerrero 50c

641 Guerrero 1641 Guerrero 1 reverse
KM-641 Estado de Guerrero $1, variety with dot after Peso (Stacks-Bowers ANA Auction, 20 August 2021, lot 41211)

643 Guerrero 2643 Guerrero 2 reverse
KM-643 Estado de Guerrero $2 (Stacks-Bowers Auction,3 June 2022, lot 72105

644 Guerrero 2644 Guerrero 2 reverse
KM-644 Estado de Guerrero $2 (Stacks-Bowers ANA Auction, 20 August 2021, lot 41210)