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Zacatecas coinage

Concepción del Oro

Concepcion del Oro

Concepción del Oro is a mining town, 260 kilometres north-east of Zacatecas.

Concepcion del Oro 1
Concepción del Oro $1

A silver one peso coin, one of the rarest revolutionary pieces, is known to have been minted here. This coin’s authencity has been questioned, as to whether it is really a coin of the time or is a piece invented years later.

There is an example in the Banco de México collection and in the mid-1970s another piece appeared in Monterrey, Nuevo León. which was found in a batch of revolutionary 2 pesos Guerrero coins. Recently it is said that a person from Puerto Isabel, Texas acquired 22 copies from a Mexican who said he dug them up in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, but this version is not confirmed.

(from Carlos Abel Amaya Guerra, Compendio de la Moneda de la Revolución Mexicana)