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Newly Discovered National Congress 8 Reales Struck in Silver

by Kent Ponterio

Junta 8R silverJunta 8R silver reverse

Tlalpujahua, National Congress (Supreme National Council) 8 Reales struck in silver, 1812
22.78 gms.
Ferdinand VII (1808-21) J.M.L. countermark (José María Liceaga)
KM-unlisted (similar to 208, but in silver): El-unlisted (similar to MX126, but in silver): Cal- unlisted (similar to 662, but in silver)

Rarely does Mexican numismatics offer collectors new discoveries that are entirely new type coins, especially so as an 8 reales. Previous to the discovery of this coin, this type was only known struck in copper. Much like the copper “SUD” coinage of Oaxaca, this type was intended to be struck in copper as a necessity issue or promissory type with the intention of being redeemed for gold or silver once it became available. Although this type was previously unknown produced in silver, it is entirely reasonable that such a coin should exist. Like the “SUD” coinage of Oaxaca, although rare, some examples were produced in silver. It is reasonable to assume that during these turbulent times, some entities would not accept the copper promissory issues, and require that payment be made in silver for good or services. Although somewhat light in weight, this piece is clearly made of good silver and would be considered favorable to many of the debased and/or copper issues circulating during this time. To add to its rarity at some point this coin changed hands to the forces of José María Liceaga, at which time it was countermarked. Interestingly enough José Maria Liceaga was a present participating party at the Suprema Junta Nacional Gubernativa.

This is an extremely rare, totally unpublished and probably unique discovery coin.