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Late Series punches

late series punches
Punch Designs for Late Seriesfrom Utberg,

1. Letter punches (16) for legends.
2. Latter punches for reverse motto.
3. Rondule for denomination indication.
4. Beads for circle.
5. Annulets
6. Cross potent for legend.
7. Jewel for base of crown.
8-10. Crown decorations.
11. Connection for crown decorations.
12. Base of crown.
13. Top. Sides, and centre of shield.
14. Base of shield.
15. Pomegranate.
16. Waves.
17. Castle.
18. Crown and capital for pillars.
19. Lion.

This illustrates the designs of the various punches. You can easily understand that by holding the punch by hand, striking a blow, picking up another punch, striking a blow, etc., that no two dies would be exactly alike. We also know that the punches broke and new punches were locally made and these always varied from the original design.