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Durango coinage

During the Revolution coins were produced in Cuencamé and the city of Durango.


The evolving history of the MUERA HUERTA coins is detailed here, while Ricardo de León Tallavas has recently confirmed that it was produced by General Calixto Contreras in Cuencame.

The coin is known in a number of varieties, and as a copper pattern.

620 Muera Huerta 1620 Muera Huerta 1 reverse
KM-620. Variety with six stars.(Stack’s Bowers NYINC Auction, 13 January 2023, lot 21252)


621 Muera Huerta 1621 Muera Huerta 1 reverse
KM-622. Variety with dot-dash border on the eagle side (Stack’s Bowers NYINC Auction, 15 January 2022, lot 2321)

622 Muera Huerta 1622 Muera Huerta 1 reverse
KM-621 (Stack’s Bowers Auction, 12 September 2023, lot 73403)


UNL Muera Huera 1UNL Muera Huera 1 reverse
KM-unlisted (Stack’s Bowers ANA Auction, 16 August 2016, lot 21405)

The above coin's unmistakable crisscross patterned edge design is similar to the one found on some examples of the very rare pattern type struck in copper (KM-UNL, GB-81) while the obverse (date side) die is a reworked, slightly refined version of the also very rare "mule" type struck in silver (KM-621, GB-85) with the date "1914" being the clearest tell-tale characteristic. It is thus quite logical to conclude that the present coin, albeit obviously well-circulated, constitutes a pattern or an extremely limited issue that should be chronologically placed after the aforementioned "mule" type and before the regular Muera Huerta issue (KM-UNL, GB-87).


These coins were commissioned by General Calixto Contreras after he captured the city in June 1913.

Although the coins were minted in the old mint the people in charge were inexperienced and so the quality of the coinage is bad.

One centavo

The 1c coin is known in various varieties. David Hughes discusses the different obverse and reverse dies here, whilst Angel Smith reports a new die here.

625 Durango 1c625 Durango 1c reverse

KM-625 1c

626b Durango 1c626b Durango 1c. reverse
KM-626b Durango 1c. but struck in lead. (Stack’s Bowers NYINC Auction, 15 January 2019, lot 43705)

627 Durango 1c627 Durango 1c reverse
KM-627 1c, with three stars and retrograde N

In addition, there was the "Denver" issue.

Five centavos

The 5c coins can be divided into

(1) coins with three stars;
(2) coins with the legend ESTADO DE DURANGO;
(3) coins with the legend E. DE DURANGO and arabic 5;
(4) coins with the legend E. DE DURANGO and Roman 5; and
(5) the "Denver" issue, where Scott Doll has identified four die combinations.

AmayaCarlos Abel Amaya Guerra, Compendio de la Moneda de la Revolución Mexicana, Mexico City, 2011 has identified 12 different obverse and 11 reverse dies, producing 38 different varieties.

630 Durango 5c copper630 Durango 5c copper reverse
KM-630 5c

631 Durango 5c631 Durango 5c reverse
KM-631 5c

631a Durango 5c brass631 Durango 5c reverse
KM-631a 5c

634 Durango 5c634 Durango 5c reverse
KM-634 5c