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*T*C* SUDs

by Max A. Keech

*T*C* SUDs were struck in copper in 1813. Denominations consist of half, one, two and eight reales. The die work is superior to that seen on other SUDs. Production quality is also quite good. Relatively few varieties exist due to the consistency of the die sinking. Contemporary counterfeits are very scarce but are encountered occasionally, particularly in the two reales denomination. The copper eight reales were struck in significant quantities and are today quite common. Minor denominations become increasing scare as they get smaller. The half reals are very rare. Copper eight reales with Morelos counterstamps are somewhat rare and command a significant premium. A number of modern fantasy *T*C* issues exist that occasionally trade as genuine. Some of these have made their way into catalogs and prominent auctions. Collectors are advised to use extreme caution when considering any silver *T*C* issue.

A detailed listing of the four denominations of this interesting and distinctive *T*C* SUD issue follows.

Obverse Design Monogram “sMo” of Morelos appears above the denomination and date, Stars flank the denomination *8*R* and date *1813*. The borders consist of alternating stars and tildes on both the obverse and reverse. Inexplicitly, on the half and two reales, there are no stars flanking the date.
Reverse Design A Oaxaca style bow and arrow sits above *T*C* with SUD below. Stars flank *T*C* and *SUD*. On most, but not all, two reales there are no stars flanking SUD.
Edge/Planchet Planchets were cast before striking and evidence of casting is sometimes present, especially on the eight reales. Edges display filing consistent with other Insurgent issues. Diameters range from 38 to 40mm for eight reales with most measuring 39 mm. Two reales have diameters between 23 and 25 mm, while one and half reals are 21 mm and 16mm respectively. Diameter and thickness are relatively consistent and much improved from other Morelos SUDs.
Weight As expected for copper coinage, weights vary widely with eight reales generally ranging from 20 to 32 grams. One and two reales range from 2.5-4 grams and 4-7 grams respectively. Half reales average 1.5 grams.


½ REAL, Struck Copper

Keech TC image 22Keech TC image 23

1813 The 1813 half real denomination is expressed as Mo for medio real. The half real is the key to the four-coin *T*C* series. It was missing from the Gerber collection and is not present in the Banco de Mexico collection.
Krause lists this coin as KM#243 but pictures a counterfeit with a serrated, rather than star-tilde border. The Pradeau sale featured two examples, the second of which was spurious (lot# 1758).
Rarity: Very Rare. Counterfeits exist.

REAL, Struck Copper

Keech TC image 24Keech TC image 25

1813 The 1813 *T*C* real is somewhat scarce and quite difficult to obtain with a full strike that is corrosion free.
Rarity: Scarce

2 REALES, Struck Copper

Keech TC image 26Keech TC image 27

1813 The 1813 *T*C* two reales is common. It was produced from at least four pairs of dies. While the dies are of good workmanship, incomplete strikes on undersized planchets are often encountered. Krause lists *T*C* two reales dated 1813 and 1814 (#245 & #246). The 1814 is a counterfeit with a fantasy America Morelos obverse.
Rarity: Common.

Varieties a. SUD without stars (pictured).
  b. *SUD* with stars before and after from a single die.
  c. Star below *SUD*, amateurish, suspected contemporary counterfeit (scc).
  d. Retro 1s, possible contemporary counterfeit (pcc).


8 REALES, Struck Copper


Keech TC image 28Keech TC image 29

1813 The 1813 *T*C* eight reales were struck in large numbers from at least nine sets of dies. The die work is very consistent, and the only major variety observed contains vertical tildes in the star-tilde borders. At least one example is known with a colonial edge applied after striking (the edge does not match the Oaxaca SUD eight reales edges). A contemporary counterfeit is also known with crude letters and numbers which appear to be hand engraved. Krause list a cast silver *T*C* eight reales as KM#249 but does not picture it. The author has yet to see a silver example which elicits confidence.