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The Suriana Mining and Smelting Co., Guerrero, Mexico, showing mine (mid and upper left), and smelting plant (right), from the horse trail in, with horse in left corner, 1910The Engineering and Mining Journal, 1 October 1910, Hill Publishing Co., NY, NY, pp.663-664, photo of mine and plant, p.663,

Suriana 2Suriana 2 reverse
KM-665 Suriana $2 (Stack’s-Bowers Baltimore Auction, 16 November 2012, lot 11447)

In 1915 General Adrián Castrejón Castrejón ordered the minting of a 2-peso coin similar to those minted in Campo Morado but the abbreviated legend was replaced by "SURIANA". Very few are known

Adrián CastrejónCastrejón was born in Apaxtla, , Guerrero, on 6 June 1893. On 2 July 1911,he joined the troops of Lieutenant Salvador González and later, under the orders of General Jesús H. Salgado, operated in the states of Guerrero and Morelos. In 1913 he organized his own guerrilla to operate against Victoriano Huerta and in favor of Emiliano Zapta; took Juchitlán, Guerrero, and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. He took part in operations in Guerrero, Michoacán, the Estado de México aand Morelos. In 1918 he joined the forces of General Fortino Ayaquica Rangel, operating in the state of Puebla. On 10 April 1919 he accompanied Emiliano Zapata on his visit Jesús Guajardo at the Hacienda de Chinameca, where he was wounded without being able to save Zapata's life. After Zapata’s murder Castrejón remained loyal to the Suriano movement. He died in Mexico City on 15 March 1954.