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The Chihuahua mint

This is the capital of the northern state of Chihuahua. The Spanish Colonial Government operated a mint from 1810-1822. The Republican mint opened in 1831. There is reference to this mint opening in August 1832, but this is obviously an error since coins of 1831 are known. Chihuahua issued coins of the Republic annually, until it closed on 30 June 1895. In 1840 Chihuahua became the third Mexican mint to produce its dies from hubs. This technique greatly improved the quality of the coins produced as well as the efficiency of the mint. The mint was occupied by the Imperial Forces of Maximilian from 15 August 1865 to 17 June 1866. It is not known whether coinage operations continued during this period.

Production of 8 Reales ceased in 1871 and resumed in 1873 during which time Balance Scale Pesos were issued.

Mínt owners or lessees and their tenures

from to  
1831 11 July 1839 Probably Government of the State of Chihuahua
11 July 1839 unknown Kelly y Cia. (Juan Potts and Juan Jennison)
unknown   Potts, Garniz y Munoz (unknown)
unknown 19 August 1863 Macmanus y Cia.
20 August 1863 20 August 1874 Enrique Mueller y Socios
21 August 1874 17 February 1880 Government of the Republic of Mexico
18 February 1880 30 June 1895 Félix Francisco Maceyra, Luis Terrazas, Luis Faudoa, Ramón Remigio Luján and Miguel Salas (Principal stock holders of the Banco Mexicano of Chihuahua)


Assayers and their tenures (as evidence by coinage)

Initial Name Began on Left office on
MR Mariano Cristóbal Ramírez 1831 1834
AM   José Antonio Mucharrez  1834  1838
RC   Rodrigo García   1839  1856
JC   Joaquín Campa  1856  1866
BA   Bruno Arriada  1858  
FP    Francisco Potts 1865   1866
JC   José María Gomez del Campo 1866  1868
MM    Manuel Merino 1868  1876
EA Eduardo Avila 1877  
JM Jacobo Mucharraz 1877  
GR Guadalupe Rocha 1877  
AV Antonio Valero 1877 1880
PM Unknown 1880  
MM Unknown (possibly Manuel Merino) 1880  
MG Manuel Gameros 1880 1882
MM  Manuel Merino 1882 1895