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Guerrero Cacahuatepec

The last dated coins of the Revolution, dated 1917, were issued from Cacahuatepec. The copper 5c and silver 20c and 50c have the legend ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS (the legend of federal coinage of the period) while the silver $1 has  REPUBLICA MEXICANA.

648 Cacahuatepec 5c648 Cacahuatepec 5c reverse
KM-648 Cacahuatepec 5c

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KM-649 Cacahuatepec 10c

Cacahuatepec 50cCacahuatepec 50c reverse
KM-650 Cacahuatepec 50c (Stack’s-Bowers Baltimore Auction, 16 November 2012, lot 11442)


Cacahuatepec 1Cacahuatepec 1 reverse
KM-651 Cacahuatepec $1 (Stack’s-Bowers Baltimore Auction, 16 November 2012, lot 11443)